But those measures could end up alienating

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But those measures could end up D2R Items alienating a segment of the Diablo 2: Resurrected player base entirely on their own. Players who reach their rates limits, for example you'll receive an error message stating that there's an issue communicating with game servers.

The situation isn't too difference from what they're running into now (but is likely to occur more frequently and with smaller numbers of players) Login queues could mean that players face lengthy waits before they're allowed into the game.

Both are far better than what's happening now, but won't do much to tackle the widespread complaints to get rid of these irritating issues. Blizzard says that it's committed to finding better long-term solutions.

"We have teams working extremely difficult to handle incidents in real time, identifying issues, and working to fix them -- not only on the D2R team, but across Blizzard," PezRadar said. "This game means a lot for all of us.

A large portion of us have been avid D2 players since at its inception to 2001, others are members of the community of modders, and other such things. We are confident that we'll work until the experience is pleasing to buy diablo 2 resurrected items us, and not just as developers, but also gamers and part of the community ourselves."

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