I believe that many of the factors that made

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However, that doesn't mean that wow tbc gold Blizzard's departures from the company have gone without notice. The reports about the company's shifting style of work, its discontent with pay and layoffs have all helped to portray the picture of a business which may not be the ideal workplace as it once appeared.

Although this may not be true, it's an interesting story that could make it easier for Blizzard employees to leave as per sources quoted in IGN's report.

"I believe that many of the factors that made it more difficult to poach Blizzard people ended," the source said. "So it's becoming very simple to poach and many of the older people are able to transfer people to other teams.

Because no matter what the circumstances are, we are able to believe in the narrative. If the narrative says such that this particular place is getting worse, it's simple to convince people to abandoning it."

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