One of the main themes from the EA

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One of the main themes from Mut 23 coins the EA Season Opener event was the possibility of customizing the experience you get from the latest crop of games based on ability level. This is nowhere more evident than Madden 23. 

From the moment you play the game on your console, it will guide you through a series tests to determine the level of your "Madden intelligence." These tests are similar to minigames in previous versions of Madden but this time using holographic graphics.

The tests assess your ability in different Madden followers, such as passing, rushing, protecting the run and the pass. Based on the results of the minigames Madden 23 is able to automatically adjust settings for difficulty so that gaming against computer is always a competitive experience.

Your Madden IQ is also used to determine the other aspects of the game's presentation, such as the screen for play-calling and the amount of depth shown in the analytic cutscenes.

With features that appeal to the most ardent Madden players as well as newcomers, Madden NFL 23 should be a hit with any fan of football.

These cutscenesthat appear to the public for the very first time Madden 23, are automatically activated whenever you make an important play.

EA specifically mentioned three situations (getting caught with an open receiver or throwing into coverage and making a poor play decision) however, they also suggested that additional instances are likely to trigger similar cutscenes after buy madden 23 coins the time you release.

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