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Shely said: The strongholds are D2R Items a key part of the open world. We really wanted the player to be able to make  

Shely Local events are constantly changing things that are occurring in the world throughout time. In other words, while running through the world and you decide to take on a quest, or perhaps you'll come across some dungeons, you could come across a local occasion. There are lots of different kinds of events that could happen over the duration of.

It is possible that you will pass through the same region and at one time there's an activity and at the same time, there's nothing but the events you might see might differ too. When you're performing the event, it is possible to meet other participants who are taking part in the same event at the same time, because it is a common world.

Fergusson The events are marked on your map and so as you travel you'll notice, "Oh, there's an activity, or a shared event happening over there." This means you can head away into it and bring your party with you. And then because it's prominently displayed, other will notice it too which means you'll have the chance to get together and enjoy it and this is a fantastic opportunity because it's got that optional feeling to it of.

"Hey We worked really well together. Do you want to dance? Hey, let's just accomplish this one objective. Everyone will get the gear we need from it, and then go on." It's the feeling that there's things always happening in the world.

It's not just a matter of walking along a path that leads to something since as you go there, you'll get a look like, "Oh, I see some dungeons on the map. Oh, I've seen some shared events coming up. Oh Diablo. A new world boss is soon to be revealed. Let's do it, because I want to obtain the gear from there." And even the little things, "Oh, there's a treasure golem which is going to drag me halfway across the globe, as I try at chasing them down to get hopefully an item that is legendary from it." There's plenty that cheap D2R Ladder Items you can interact with in this world.

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