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The developers are also planning to D2R Items introduce a login queue, ala World of Warcraft, to stop situations where servers are overwhelmed when hundreds of thousands of games are launched simultaneously:

To tackle this, we have people working in a queue to log into the game, just like the queue you experienced when playing World of Warcraft. This will ensure that the player count stays at the level that it is at which allows us to track what the system is doing and fix it before it takes the game to a complete stop.

When we correct an issue, we'll be capable of increasing the population limits. The login queue has been implemented in part on the backend (right now, it appears like a failed authentication on this client) and should be fully implemented in the next few days on PC, with console to follow.

Players are also restricted, but only for instances where games are being developed, closed, and re-created over short durations this is typically the case that players are in the process of farming areas like Shenk & Eldritch or Pindleskin.

"When this occurs it will inform you that there's an issue communicating with game servers. This isn't an indication that the servers have gone down at this particular instance, it just means you are being rated limited to ease the load on D2R items for sale PS4 the database to keep the game running," Blizzard advised.

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