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And "Do you double-team at Mut 23 coins your offensive line?" And while I was not going to reveal to this jack-of-all-trades my secrets to success I did throw him some bone fragments to make him entertained.

The handy meters on the upper right hand corner of the screen informed me that he believed my skills in strategic thinking and dedication to work were good, however I could have assured me that too.

Following the meeting, it was merely a an issue of sitting in my barcalounger waiting for offers to arrive. And boy did they come in, big-time offers from teams such as that of Saints, Rams, Texans and Jets.

Then there it was. The opportunity I'd been waiting fortwo years: A 2-year $5.8 million contract from the team I grew up with as a kid, that's the Chicago Bears. It wasn't the greatest offer and it certainly wasn't the longest one however I knew I wouldn't miss an opportunity to coach this team. Monsters of the Midway.

What a thrill to step into The Bears headquarters on the first day of my new position and enter my luxurious new office. In comparison to the previous place I worked in--a filthy, squalid pit that was constantly smelling of cabbage and Ben Gay, this is a huge leap.

I have my own desk and an inbox to receive messages as well as a laptop with which to look for updates on topics like salary cap along with depth charts as well as offensive as well as defensive playsbooks as well as a phone that I can call agents and different NFL teams.

When things become overwhelming I'll turn to the large-screen television at work that offers helpful information about the many characters I meet on the job, the various times during the and year (such such as restricted free-agent period as well as the non-restricted free agency period) and so madden 23 coins cheap on. There's no need for help with these things I know that.

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