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Check out Thoughtforms The Newest Hip-Hop Offering McThought! (HOT!) Check out mcthought affirmations The Newest Hip-Hop Offering McThought! (HOT!) on spotify and apple music now mcthought affirmations If you haven't heard about McThought, then you seriously need to check this out. . . McThought creates hip-hop/rap music that isn't just something to listen to -- it's fresh, its original, and it's a complex combination of affirmations and imagination! In other words, McThought is bringing something new to the table. If you're into lyrical hip-hop music with a blend of California flair, then you need to get your hands on McThought's debut offering: Thoughtforms version 1.0! Inspired by old-school rap and brought to life by west-coast style beats, this album explores new, unique, and completely uncharted hip-hop territory. In the headline track titled "The Law of Attraction", McThought delves into his interpretations of the most powerful law universe and makes mention of the creator of the universe, the creator of this time, the creator of the thought, and other deep-rooted messages that you absolutely have to hear to appreciate! Ready to hear "The Law of Attraction" yourself and learn more about what McThought brings to the table? Click the link

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