Basket Random - The Hottest Game

Video Games - Consoles July 13, 2022 26


Basket Random is a fun sports game to play. Your goal is to lead your stickman basketball players to throw the ball into the opposing team's basket. There are four characters in total as the game begins in the basket random game, two from the opposing side and two from you. At the start of the game, your characters start moving back and forth in order to toss the basketball into the game's pots. You control your character by leaping along with the upward-facing key on your keyboard's direction keys. When your character's hand meets the ball, the ball is instantly in their possession. Use your pointer to fling the ball in your hand into the opposing pot (mouse, mouse). When your character jumps while holding the ball, he throws it in the direction of your cursor. The player who scores the most points in a round wins. In 2-player mode, one player uses the mouse while the other uses the direction keys to control the game. The cursor is useless in 2-player mode; the characters automatically send the ball to the opposite pot, preventing mechanical problems and offering a more relaxing game.

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