Choose that online Diablo 2: Resurrected character which they want to use

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"Each mode will have their own leaderboard buy d2r items, where players compete to gain experience in an allotted time frame while having access to exclusive content specifically for Ladder," Blizzard's announcement about the release to the Ladder game within Diablo II: Resurrected said. "When it comes to the end of Ladder season comes to an end, the leaderboard rankings will reset, transitioning characters to the non-ladder game mode, offering players the opportunity to win."

Diablo II Resurrected's Ladder Systems

Hardcore Expansion Ladder The most intense (only one life) model of Ladder game that consists of five different actions, and also includes "Lord of Destruction" expansion content.

For those who are keen on putting themselves higher than others on the Ladder leaderboards it is possible to do so until the conclusion of the season to get as high as possible.

Once a season ends and the character you created for that Ladder will change to a non-Ladder character, Blizzard explained, with players being able to keep the things they've earned. The player has until the end of the season after the next one starts - so one full season to get back your items, or else they'll be gone for good.

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