How might I get Lost Ark Twitch Drops?

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With an item level of 1340. you'll be able to cause at least one bit of injury to the boss. That's all it takes to steal the boss's fascinating items Lost Ark Gold. With a bit of luck, Moake will drop one of the rare omnium stars, which gives you six percent for the adventure tome in Punika. It is therefore beneficial to defeat Moake in the earliest time possible. Like other area bosses Moake is a boss who appears on specific days and at certain times. His preferred location is in the top part of the Tikatika colony. You can easily determine the exact location of the spawning and the time by using your Procyons Compass.

How do you defeat Moake even having a very low level of items?

In the case of actually fighting Moake there are some things to take into consideration. Moake is intended to be played by players who have reached item level 1415. which only a handful of players have. The fight against the boss therefore takes very long, and due to a relatively small reset radius, Moake could quickly become annoying. If you lose in the battle with the boss, you must absolutely not go for the usual revive. There is a chance that Moake will try to attack the victim right afterward and thus runs away from his reset area. Instead, keep waiting until the boss has fallen or used a phoenix fluff.

Also, it is best to be in the middle of the arena at all times. The boss will reset quickly, which leaves not enough time to beat Moake. The boss can use capabilities that cause him to escape from his middle field or create a multitude of AoE-related areas across the floor. Of course, it's tempting to run after the boss or dodge the dangerous areas, but the best-case scenario is to remain where you are. Unlike most other area bosses, Moake's reset area is small, and it takes a lot of damage to bring him down. The reset must therefore avoid at all cost.

Not to be left out, you can assist players with enough level of items to beat the boss. You can throw some Dark-Grenades at the boss, and they will do more the damage dealt to other players. However, these weapons can block the boss's attack, so you must use often as much as you can. If you're not having enough 1415 level players on your channel, the boss might just be under-stressed Lost Ark Gold for sale. In the event that Moake arrives you should look at the current players and switching to a different channel in case there's a chance that things turn worst.

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