Lost Ark Video Showcases the MMO's Endgame

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Return to be back at the Beacon Point Triport, and take a turn to the southwest, and then walk down the steps Lost Ark Gold, and straight across the square that you are in. As you keep heading toward the southwest, you'll arrive at a crossroads. You can walk down the steps northwest to a small platform filled with toads and terrifying remains. On the opposite side of this platform by the bush, is another mokoko.

Lost Ark fifth mokoko seed in Prisma Valley

From the Bamboo Temple Triport go towards the temple grounds. There are four small statues in the corners of the central square. The fifth seed is right to left of an east statue on the flooring made of stone.

Lost Ark sixth mokoko seed in Prisma Valley

Leave the Bamboo Temple via the pathway that runs northeast, straight towards the Grand Pavilion. Cross the bridge that is broken into the pavilion, where you'll see two ornate torchlights burning to the left marking the entrance to a stone square. A mokoko plant is located just in front of the right-side torch on the grass.

Lost Ark seventh mokoko seed in Prisma Valley

Exit through the Grand Pavilion by the path which leads north towards the Garden of Elegance. Once you reach the center waterfall walk toward the east across the bridge Lost Ark Gold buy. On the ground, is the final mokoko seed of Prisma Valley.

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