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Are you looking for a real career opportunity that can provide you with a professional level 

income regardless of experience or education? A career that is easy, flexible, and extremely 


Our company “Snap Delivered” is a new food delivery app that has figured out how to do 

delivery better and we are looking for highly motivated B2B salespeople to introduce 

Restaurants to our platform. This is an extremely easy sales cycle as it is 100% free to the 

Restaurants and our value proposition is extraordinary.

We have a significant early retirement program in place for you and a substantial exit 

package if we ever decide to sell the company.


Restaurants that use UberEats, DoorDash, Grubhub etc… are charged “up to” 35% of the meal 

price as a commission to the delivery app that facilitates that transaction. That means that 

if the order is $40, the restaurant is charged up to $14. That is eating up most of their 


Snap Delivered is here to give the vast majority of that money back to the Restaurant owner 

and inject a large portion of our profits back into the community.

With Snap, we only charge the Restaurant a flat $2 per delivery regardless of the size of 

the order. And if you sign up that Restaurant to Snap Delivered for FREE, you earn .40 cents 

for every delivery they do in perpetuity. This is retirement income.

Let’s look at some numbers:

If you sign up 100 Restaurants for FREE and they do a conservative 20 deliveries a day, 

(many Restaurants in the Sacramento Area are doing upwards of 150 deliveries a day) that is 

2,000 deliveries per day collectively. 100x20=2000

2000 deliveries at .40 Cents = $800 a day in passive residual income. Not a bad retirement! 

Especially considering that you can do this in the next 90 to 180 days. But why stop there! 

Do that 1 more time and you can retire as a part of the top 1% income earners on the planet. 

Or you can keep at it for a few years and retire with silly money. It’s up to you.

Snap also pays you .20 per delivery from any driver that you refer and $1.00 per delivery 

for any customer that you refer every time they order food through the app.

There are also incredible management opportunities. If you are the type of person who wants 

to build teams, you can override the production of hundreds and even thousands of 

Restaurants, Drivers & Customers that your team refers to Snap.

You can work with us full-time or part-time. You choose your schedule and you never have to 

worry about some arrogant nit-picky boss looking over your shoulder all the time.

We have all the marketing collateral created and daily trainings that you can participate in 

to learn all the aspects of the Snap business model and how you can maximize your 


This is a dream career opportunity with massive upside potential and it just so happens to 

be a whole lot of fun!

Complete our short and simple application at:- https://lpmclass.com/SnapApp

Once you submit that to me, I will contact you to discuss this further and help determine if 

we would be a good fit for each other.

Again, go to:- https://lpmclass.com/SnapApp


Joey Western


Snap Delivered

Please visit our website: https://lpmclass.com/SnapApp
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