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History repeats itself through September 25, 2022
History repeats itself through
You have heard of historians who compared Presidents Lincoln and Kennedy in One Hundred years right? Well, what about all the Presidents compared in eight time spans from George Washington to Joseph R. Biden Jr This ebook is laid out in eight time spans of Twenty Year, Forty Year, Forty Eight Year (...
How to Date Any Girl: Free eBook September 21, 2022
How to Date Any Girl: Free eBook
Are you tired of being single and alone? Do you want to learn how to date any girl you want? With this new eBook, How to Date Any Girl, you can learn the secrets to dating success. This eBook will teach you how to approach and talk to any girl, how to ask her out on a date, and how to make sure she ...
Ultimate Reality EN September 2, 2022
Ultimate Reality EN
Realitatea finala RO WARNING If somebody told you your brain cannot generate thoughts, would you believe that? If somebody told you that the theory of evolution goes against the laws of physics, and the whole scientific world and the media around this theory is telling you lies, would you believe th...