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Traveling for the Holidays? Save on Gas! December 19, 2021
Traveling for the Holidays? Save on Gas!
This FREE app helps you get cash back on Gas and more. Then share with your friends to save even more. Simple to use. Very easy to use. Find an offer. Claim it. Get your gas. Cash back. Usually within 24 hr. Simple to transfer cash to your account.
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October 7, 2021
Gridiron Game played with chairs and with as little as 2 players total!
The only football game on the market allowing to play football anywhere, anytime All parts of the game easily fit into a duffle bag in the back of your car’s trunk Great for backyard fun, at the Beach, Part, or just having fun with your kids. This game is for all ages and skill sets Get yours ...
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Fine Wine is always an excellent Gift Idea! December 9, 2021
Fine Wine is always an excellent Gift Idea!
This is a gift that will keep on giving! This Wine of the Month Club delivers incredible Fine Wines from the Napa and Sonoma Valleys in California.Wine always makes a perfect gift! And with the supply shortages this year, you can be assured that Wine will be available! You can give a membership as a...
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Sport Team Active Wear for Women! November 29, 2021
Sport Team Active Wear for Women!
Test yourself like a Queen with this Sport Apparel active wear that allows you to move in any direction! Designed by a former dancer! Comes in colors for all 32 NFL teams. Patented MILKY SILK™ fabric that is incredibly soft!Get yours here: https://4g29.com/womens-sport
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Practical wine accessories must have! December 5, 2021
Practical wine accessories must have!
Key wine essentials for drinking and storing bottles of wine are bottle openers and bottle stoppers.Once you have these, all other accessories are fun extras to collect making your wine experience all the more enjoyable.Here you will find from basic simplicity to high tech to satisfy anyone’s ...
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Bar Accessories for your home bar! January 26, 2022
Bar Accessories for your home bar!
Good quality bar accessories help the Holiday gatherings go smoother! Easily open the beer and wine with these openers. There are also electric pourers and aerators for the wine! All very reasonably priced, and make great gifts! Click the link to find out more!
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TOKIT Omni Cook, Your Smart Home Chef, 21-IN-1 SMART COOKER November 23, 2021
TOKIT Omni Cook, Your Smart Home Chef, 21-IN-1 SMART COOKER
Great Christmas Gift.Better & Cheaper Than Thermomix.TOKIT Omni Cook, Your Smart Home Chef, 21-IN-1 SMART COOKER. TOKIT Less than half the price of others & better.* The current Kickstarter Tokit price is $699 which includes the main body, the steamer set is an additional purchase *.Want to ...
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Wine at Black Friday savings all year! December 15, 2021
Wine at Black Friday savings all year!
Check out this Wine Discovery Club! Fine Wines direct to you at 65-80% off all year long! Shipped to your door. No middlemen gives us the savings we want! Participate as a customer or member. What are you waiting for: https://4g29.com/fine-wines
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October 5, 2021
Avid Sports Fans of wrestling, mixed martial arts, and boxing events check this out!
Don’t want to miss your live boxing or combat sport events, let this streaming service have you enjoy the fights and matches wherever you are in the worldMain focus is on MMA and boxing including streaming of international fighting promotions such as New Japan Pro-Wrestling Entertainment and R...
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Tasty, yet Diabetic Friendly Cookie! December 8, 2021
Tasty, yet Diabetic Friendly Cookie!
Have you ever longed to have a cookie that tastes really good, and is also good for you? That satisfies your sweet tooth? That you can eat guilt-free? That is made from healthy and natural ingredients, yet STILL tastes good? And what if it was made with functional ingredients that were actually work...
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Family Fun with Churros! November 27, 2021
Family Fun with Churros!
Need a new family activity for the holidays? How about a churro party? You can make your own FRESH churros right at home! You can also geteveryone in the family their own Taco T-shirt. Get yours here: https://4g29.com/churros
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Shop Christmas Specials Today! December 4, 2021
Shop Christmas Specials Today!
You might think that you somehow always miss the boat when it comes to Cyber Monday specials, but we have good news for you. Now you can get Cyber Monday sales today. The deals are still coming in and there is plenty of time to take advantage of them! You can find different items now from clothing, ...
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