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stroll through the daylight feels good. It gives me energy and also lifts my mood.Qi gung Exercise 9 - Create a few abdominal breaths in addition to relax. As you are walking SUCK IN to a count of your actions 1-2-3-4, then EXHALE on the count of your footsteps 1-2-3-4. REPEAT for several cycles unless you have this pattern heading nicely (adjust your breathing or your walking speed in the event necessary). INHALE 1-2-3-4 while you say to yourself, "Taking a new walk in the daylight seems great... " EXHALE 1-2-3-4- while you say to yourself, micron... It gives me energy in addition to lifts my mood. inch Make sure you smile at the end of each one breath and repeat this for the entire walk.10. Commit some nighttime outsideNighttime is an awesome time to possibly be outdoors. Compared to daytime it is Yin and thus it can offer an immense calming and restful effect on your mind and heart. You might try going stargazing. By looking out at the megastars you can experience and really check out the limitless abundance of the Market. Go out and find a spot somewhat free of unnatural light along with marvel at the beauty of good evening hours sky and the wonders from the Universe.Affirmation 10 - "I am being dragged by the infinite field associated with possibilities, to my true self and the life associated with my dreams. "Chi kung Exercise 10 - Get a nice place outdoors at nighttime where you can look at the sky using little or no extraneous light. Place your right hand on your abdomen so that your thumb comforters your navel, then delicately place your left hand in addition to it. Breath normally, TAKE IN AIR slowly, EXHALE slowly, while you imagine yourself surrounded by a blanket of universal power. more info for 2 to 5 mins. INHALE and say to oneself, "I am being ripped by the infinite field of possibilities... " EXHALE and say to your self, "... to help my true self as well as the life of my dreams. " REPEAT this for as long as that suits you. Enjoy the nighttime knowing that their peaceful Yin energy is usually soothing your body mind along with spirit.

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