NBA assets and a first-round pick in exchange for Westbrook

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There was a lot of change with the Los Angeles Lakers when the team decided to sell Russell Westbrook last summer  NBA assets and a first-round pick in exchange for Westbrook NBA 2K23 MT. Los Angeles traded legitimate NBA assets and a first-round pick in exchange for Westbrook in an act that was widely criticized when it was made. Everyone who was against the trade ended up being correct, because Westbrook was the most threatening thorn in the team's side last season. Now, the Lakers find themselves in a position where they are actively better in the event that they trade Westbrook but may have already thought about it but have given up.

The sad thing is that Westbrook appears to still believe his skills are elite. He took very little part of the blame for the team's lack of success in his post-game interview last season. Westbrook has a basketball ego that's very difficult to break. Maybe the people the at NBA 2K23 can break that self-deprecating ego but. Ratings for the upcoming game are now coming out and Westbrook's score is not that of a star player (which Westbrook claims to be). It's the one of an average bench player who rotates.

Russell Westbrook was given an awful 78 percent overall score on NBA 2K23. Russell Westbrook has the fourth-highest 2K23 rating on the Los Angeles Lakers. Westbrook obviously is behind LeBron James and Anthony Davis but he is even further behind his most recent teammate as well. TwoK have given Patrick Beverley a 79 overall rating, which is suitable for where he's currently in the course of his professional career.

Westbrook however, is has been tied with Kendrick Nunn. It is barely ahead of the likes of Thomas Bryant and Lonnie Walker IV. This is a massive downfall for Westbrook, but it is totally justifiable. Westbrook stans will be furious by this result and be quick to point to this box-scoring as the cause why his rating should likely be in the mid-to-high 80s. Anyone that actually watched Lakers game last season understands the lies that this box score can be, however, and how poorly Westbrook played in the last game of the season.

The former MVP has been an overrated player when it comes to being a winning player (he has won just one playoff game since Kevin Durant left OKC) but there was no doubt of his athleticism and skill set. It could be a good thing to be a factor in 2K even if it didn't translate to winning basketball in real life.

NBA 2K23 is here, and that means hoop heads and casual NBA fans will have about a season's worth of debates to initiate as well as a couple of Vince Carter dunk packages to choreograph. We're breaking down the new NBA 2K23 rosters for all 32 NBA teams. In this guide , we'll be taking more in depth look at the Toronto Raptors.

If you're wondering who the Raptors greatest players might be Buy MT 2K23, if the 2022 ROY Scottie Barnes is real, or what position on the team could require an upgrade in the MyNBA Eras. Here's everything you must know about the NBA 2K23 Raptors roster.The Raptors are the 17th-best team in the league as per to the ratings for all 32 teams in NBA 2K23.

In the initial launch, Toronto is set for an overall rating of 89.

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