RFH 532nm green laser marking date logo on wine glass bottle

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RFH 532nm green laser marking date logo on wine glass bottle

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A few years ago, Rakan from United Kingdom came to RFH for a visit, learned about green lasers, and decided to order two 532nm green lasers to mark red wine bottles in his glass bottle factory. When Rakan came to visit the workshop, what he saw was the employees who were wearing neat work clothes and producing carefully. Every production link was carried out meticulously under their hands.


The core advantages of 0.02mm high precision, high stability, and high cost performance, the cold light source of the green laser makes its power heat-affected area small, the beam quality is high, the marking speed is fast, and it can run continuously within 24 hours, both in efficiency and in The quality can be described as the industry leader. Due to the use of a low-temperature cold light source, the thermal effect of marking is basically zero, which will not damage the material or cause the glass material to burst. It has outstanding performance in terms of safety and consumables.


In addition to quality, Rakan is also interested in RFH's long-standing good reputation. He said that many friends in the same industry will mention RFH's excellent products that have been developed for more than ten years in the chat, and they often praise RFH to him. Professional attitude, dedicated service, and spirit of responsibility, these have become the reasons why I value and choose to come to RFH for preliminary understanding.

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