MMOexp: This might be luckiest Diablo 4 item

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Dataminers have found details on Diablo 4 Gold what could be Diablo 4's first expansion.

Blizzard previously promised multiple years' worth of expansions for its hellish hack-n-slasher, and while the publisher has been tight-lipped about what's next, dataminers have dug into the game's technical alpha 2.0 build that was uploaded for testing purposes. The upcoming expansion may be called Lord of Hatred, according to a report from the YouTube channel YbuBaKa. (Good spot, WccfTech.)

Lord of Hatred supposedly carries the baton from the main game's ending and focuses on the demon Mephisto, brother to Diablo and Bhaal. The report also claims that the expansion takes place in the Kurast region and adds more or less what you'd expect: more raids, more quests, more loot. Other details point to a new class called Spiritborn, and something called the Mercenary system, which might let players recruit NPCs with dedicated skill trees.

This might be the luckiest Diablo 4 item ever | MMOEXP

A Diablo 4 player has rolled what might be the luckiest item ever.

Seen below is the Magus Ring, an Ancestral Rare Ring, as first reported by Icy-Veins. The ring firstly has an awesome item power of 777, but crucially only requires a character level of 80 in order to wield, which is one of the more recent changes from Blizzard taking effect, lowering the character level requirements for Ancestral gear.

My first full max piece of gear from r/diablo4

It's what comes next that really makes this ring incredibly lucky. The Magus Ring boasts +24.8% lightning resistance and poison resistance for the player, while also offering +14% vulnerable damage, and +17.5% critical strike damage, a deadly combination in themselves for striking vulnerable foes for huge damage in Diablo IV gold for sale just one hit.

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