Singh has witnessed NBA2K achieve heights that had never seemed

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Also known as Ronnie 2K, Singh has witnessed NBA2K achieve heights that had never seemed possible when the team first put Michael Jordan on their cover in 2011. Through an interview exclusive to the magazine NBA 2K23 MT, Singh talked about launch day performance, player ratings and public involvement, the game's community, and his role in the NBA2K staff that make everything possible. Note the interview has been lightly edited and simplified for clarity.  "This sport is very important to our culture, and there are so many people within our community, so it's about making sure that the player base is really happy. Which also of course includes the NBA players that play in our games, the celebrities, the athletes," Singh said. "So today I'm delivering a number of codes to people. I've sent the game to Travis, PG, and some of the people I'm friends with.  The momentum and culture that this sport has, its launch day is getting bigger and bigger. To be honest , quite overwhelming but really exciting as well. "As the spokesperson for NBA2K, Singh has an immense impact in the continuous growth of the sport. From encouraging the participation of famous athletes and celebrities and personally engaging with broader community, Singh understands the massive responsibility that he has.  "I consider myself to be a part of the funnel with regards to people with a lot of awareness. I've kept in touch with every greater person who plays our game. However, as a member of our community, our players base is relying on the fact that I keep them up to date on what's going on," Singh said. "Our game has evolved beyond just drop it and leave it. There's updates every six weeks significant ones Buy NBA 2K Coins, including new music, fresh information in the game fresh MyTeam cards, and new clothing items, and so on, every six weeks.

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