FIFA 23 does reward good execution across the board

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Theatrical additions to gameplay such as the fierce Power Shots ensure the FIFA name goes out with a bang rather than just a whine. Pressing the bumpers with your fingers and holding them to shoot transforms your striker into the ultimate raider FIFA 23 coins, with an interruptible attack and the camera focusing while they cover the ball by sending shockwaves from the bootstrap through the PS5's control speaker. If you get the angle wrong, FIFA 23's newly improved acrobatic goalkeepers might be able to stop it by using their own finger simulations, and have been able to save my bacon several occasions.

Take it seriously, though when the forward is able to move chances are it will be in the net's back no matter how far out you are. This type of shot teases out the halcyon days of Francesco Totti hit-and-hope long shots seen in early 2010s FIFA, but don't worry that online multiplayer is filled with fast wingers who pass it across the box on the break. It's a good idea to try and have fun with it, don't you think?

Although it's not going to solve the perennial problem of being dependent on fast players all the time, FIFA 23 does reward good execution across the board. My fingers are hurting from pulling the triggers to jockey dangerous counter-attacks, and the intensity of a pass must be tuned, which can be difficult to master, but satisfying when you get an ideal through ball.

A rash tackle can also leave you open to attack as pressing the appropriate buttons for too long can lead to a dangerous, hard-hitting commitment that may pay off buy FUT 23 coins, but most of the time it will result in being penalized with a numbing penalty. This makes tackling with the last man back to an extremely risky, but thrilling endeavour.

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