The Druids Are Rising

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The primal guardians have the power to command elemental power against you.


After the orc's base is gone, you can continue on toward Moonglade Isle. There are three guardians of the primal kind on the island, and each is joined by some fierce Owlbears. If you've still got the majority of your troops from the initial assault, then you are able to WoW Classic SoD Gold start attacking. In the event that you don't, add some more troops into the battle. Make sure to target each guardian individually and then attack his owlbears once they've fallen. Once you have killed all opponents at Moonglade Isle, move Tyrande towards the Horn of Cenarius and Furion Stormrage will awaken which will grant you success.


4. The Druids Are Rising


Tyrande along with Furion have made the decision that the druids from the talon need to be awakened to continue their fight against the burning legion's attack. They sleep in barrow dens on the opposite end of a vast valley which is why the night elves need to get into the dens swiftly to wake them. The trouble is that the invaders from Lordaeron also reside in the valley, along with the evil forces of World of Warcraft Season of Discovery. The elves have to be able to avoid them in order to get to the barrow's dens.


Gold is at its lowest in this mission, so you'll need to take advantage of some night elf structures (specifically the old ones) are able to disperse themselves and move through the forest. Transfer all your ancients along with the tree of the life to the north from the point of origin and then place them near the gold mine you'll find there. Since it's only got 1500 grams of gold in it It's likely that you'll be removing and moving it again however this is enough for the time being, at the very minimum. When you have a bit of gold, make several units to augment the ones you already have. To the north of WoW Classic SoD Gold for sale where you initially take root, you'll find the dark trolls that guard the health fountain. Make sure you're free of this area to be able to recuperate in the future. With gold that is as scarce as it gets it is important to avoid losing units as far as you can.

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